Tulsa Tech Fest 2014 – Scaling Scrum, Modern Web, Prototyping UX


Two years ago I gave the key note at the Tulsa Tech Fest – it was a lot of fun and I’m excited to be presenting there again this year!

This year I’ll be giving 3 talks.


Scaling Scrum with UX and other Key Players

Scrum is the most popular Agile framework in the world for effective team collaboration on complex projects. Scrum provides a small set of rules that create just enough structure for teams to be able to focus their innovation. Scrum is optimized for teams for teams of 5 to 9 people. Making Scrum work with larger teams or in large enterprise environments brings its own set of challenges. This talk presents 3 patterns used on enterprise teams to scale Scrum effectively with global teams.

Update: The Slides are now on slide share.


Modern Web Development: Testable WebForms with Model View Presenter Pattern (MVP)

The world is moving towards ASP.NET MVC.. but what about your legacy WebForms development. What are the things you can do today to make your WebForms more testable, reliable and even increase the SEO and usability of your WebForms. This talk will walk through applying the Model View Presenter pattern to your ASP.NET WebForm applications and introduce you to some additional enhancements that Microsoft has made to WebForms recently to make your site and life that much better!

Update: The slides are now on slideshare.


Prototype, Collaborate, Innovate

A UX Story from the worlds most used white labeled travel site. How we use Sketches, Prototyping and Innovation Games to collaborate with our customers and experience innovation breakthroughs.

Update: The slides are on slideshare!


Hope to see you there!

About Caleb Jenkins

Caleb Jenkins is an international speaker, author and 6 time Microsoft MVP award recipient, he currently works for Solera as a Director of Software Development. An entertaining and informative speaker who approaches software from a fresh perspective that spans UX, agile practices and technologies for enterprise customers from across the globe. Leading UX product design teams, coaching multi-team agile transformations and architecting and mentoring at some of the largest companies in the world, As a long time community leader and former Microsoft Developer Evangelist, Caleb is well known for his engaging speaking style, depth of knowledge and creative energy. Founder and Principal Mentor of Proaction Mentors, former UX Manager and Agile Coach, Senior Architect for Six Flags Corporation, Product Architect on a Cloud Marketing Platform, Caleb has made a career out of empowering others while building products and teams that delight customers and solve business needs. You can follow him on twitter (@calebjenkins) or his blog, DevelopingUX.com and if you're still reading this, then you could also subscribe to his blog RSS feed or sign up to receive updates by email