Today our nation votes…

When I voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin I thought that it was important to recognize the historic gravity of this election and stated that I would soon post on the issues that prompted me to not support Barack Obama. The first issue was Life, now I’d like to talk about stewardship and financial responsibility.

Here’s the complete report referenced in that clip.

Council For Citizens Against Government Waste, non-partisan, watch dog group. Each year they tabulate their Congressional Ratings, evaluating how each member of Congress measures up on key tax and spending votes. (Low rating = wasteful spender)

Senator 2007 Rate Life Time
Joe Biden 0% 22%
Barack Obama 10% 18%
John McCain 100% 88%
I don’t trust Obama or Biden with my money

I’ll just come out and say it. I don’t trust Obama with my money. I give to a lot of charities. I’ve been on staff with non-profit organizations, churches and mission trips that relied on the generosity and donations of others. that being said, governments makes a lousy charities.

As a Christian I believe that we will be held accountable for how we steward the resources that God trusts us with. I’m very careful when choosing organizations that I give money to. I look at things like overhead, oversight and effectiveness. That’s why I don’t give donations to groups like the United Way – they aren’t a charity, they are a charity clearing house…pure overhead. I prefer to donate directly to groups like the Boy Scouts of America, Hope International, Student Venturethe Goads and my local church.

governments makes a lousy charities

I keep hearing about the top 5% and the bottom 95% of tax payers in this election. Here’s the problem: There is an economic quality to these numbers, Obama keeps using them as pure quantitative numbers.

Let me explain: Let’s say that I was in a scuffle with a person, and I came back all beat up saying "wow, that person really worked me over, he beat and punched over 60% of my body!". You would ask, what did you do to the other guy? "Not much, I barely touched 5% of his body (quantitative), all I did was decapitate him. (qualitative)." You see, by attacking the top 5% of tax payers, Obama is attacking the head, the heart and the drivers of our economy.

That’s a bad investment.

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