Today I voted in the most historic election of my life.


There is no question that the presidential election this year is truly historic. If one side wins, we’ll have the first black president of the United State, and on the other side we’d have the first woman vice-president of the United States. Historic. No matter what.

When is was announced that Barack Obama was in the race, my initial response was excitement. The first person that I ever voted for in a presidential election was Alan Keys. Alan Keys is a very smart, well spoken, conservative – I loved his ideas, direction and passion. He also happens to be black.

I was going to vote for Barack Obama because he was black… and that would have been racist of me.

When I first heard that Barack Obama was running, I didn’t know anything about him, all I knew was that he was black and a viable candidate for president. I’m slightly ashamed to admit this because I literally knew nothing of the man, nothing of the content of his character, nothing of his ideas, dreams or passions. I only knew the color of his skin – and I was going to vote for Barack Obama because he was black… and that would have been racist of me.

My prayer is that the people of this great country of ours will have moved past looking at a person’s skin… (even in that person’s favor) and begin to evaluate people by the content of their character.


How do you pick a president?

After examining whatever I could find on Barack Obama I am convinced that once a person has examined the man’s beliefs, ideas, and the direction that he wants to take our country – that would be bad for everyone.

I don’t have time to go in to all of the reason that I voted for McCain/ Palin today, but I hope to dig in to the issues that drove my decision in the next couple of days.

Life | Financial Stewardship | Individual Rights | Religious Freedom | Corruption
My goal is to cover these issues in the next couple of days – hopefully before November 4th!

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