Twitter is where the peeps are at..

Two days ago I getting ready to leave work when I received this txt message from my wife

Car accident. Pls help me. Cops coming

Um what?!! No mention of an ambulance being needed – so that’s good. I called – it goes to voice mail. As you can imagine, my packing up to head out the door went much faster than usual.. I finally get through. My wife, and our 4 kids were driving when they got rear-ended, and the person just took off leaving them there. Seriously?!!

Nobody is hurt too bad, just shaken up, and sore (sigh of relief)… we need to get them all to the ER to double check backs and necks. Fortunately I work about 15 minutes from where this happened; I leave immediately , sending out this tweet.


I actually arrive on the scene before the police or fire department, 1 witness stopped, but then left without giving his name because he was driving without a drivers license! Another person, saw the whole thing, then followed the car and got his license plate, phoning that in to 911. (Hooray for proactive active citizens!)

So, to the 2 people that stopped – thank you. Thank you for having the decency to make sure that my family was ok and safe, and to even tracking the license plate down to make sure that the police can follow up with the person that hit them. Thank you.

We did go to the ER. One of my girls had to ride in the ambulance because we were the most concerned about her and the possibility of neck injuries. Bottom line: everyone checked out OK, they’re just going to be very sore for the next couple of days.

In the meantime.. twitter and Facebook blew up with friends responding, and reaching out to my wife and I . Here’s a quick snap shot….

image image

Wow… twitter really is where the people are! .. and on that note. Thanks to Mark Miller, Seth Juarez, Michael Letterle, Allen Shaw, Brandon Kelly, Joel Dow, Jeffrey Palermo, Tim Mitchell, Erik Porter, Darcy Lussier, Amanda Hardeman, Alan Stevens, Keyvan Nayyeri, Dustin Davis, Scott Koon, Cori Drew, Javier Lozano, Jeff Blankenburg, David Yancey, Laurent Bugnion, Randy Peterman and others…

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Thank you all for the prayers, thoughts, DM’s and in general being great people and encouraging me during a rough night. I’m still recovering from all of what that took out of me, both emotionally, and it’s also amazing what that does to a person’s physical energy!

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