Speaking at the Dallas Tech Fest!


I just confirmed that I will be speaking at the Dallas Tech Fest this year! At first, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make it back in time from the Agile Alliance Conference, but it’s looking like we’ll be able to make it work!

So, here is the  real question: Which talk would you like to hear?

I’ve pitched two different session:

“Slaying the Legacy Code Beast” or “Coding Naked”

Vote in the comment section… seriously, which talk would you like to hear?

Slaying the Legacy Code Beast

Does that legacy code beast stifle your creativity? Do you stay up late at night frightened that someone might touch *that* piece of code? Learn some practical stepson how you can slay the legacy code beasts, divide and conquer, and deliver value to your customers.

Coding Naked – Practical steps to moving towards & embracing TDD

Automated Unit Tests are your first line of defense to reducing technical debt, increasing code quality and efficiency. Come learn why TDD is not a fancy practice for the coding elite, but an understandable, obtainable and practical approach to delivering value for every developer, and how, when done properly, will increase communication and design between the business stake holders and developers.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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Caleb Jenkins is an international speaker, author and 6 time Microsoft MVP award recipient, he currently works for Solera as a Director of Software Development. An entertaining and informative speaker who approaches software from a fresh perspective that spans UX, agile practices and technologies for enterprise customers from across the globe. Leading UX product design teams, coaching multi-team agile transformations and architecting and mentoring at some of the largest companies in the world, As a long time community leader and former Microsoft Developer Evangelist, Caleb is well known for his engaging speaking style, depth of knowledge and creative energy. Founder and Principal Mentor of Proaction Mentors, former UX Manager and Agile Coach, Senior Architect for Six Flags Corporation, Product Architect on a Cloud Marketing Platform, Caleb has made a career out of empowering others while building products and teams that delight customers and solve business needs. You can follow him on twitter (@calebjenkins) or his blog, DevelopingUX.com and if you're still reading this, then you could also subscribe to his blog RSS feed or sign up to receive updates by email