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Note: This will be my second non-technical post in a row. I’m working on getting to my normal flow very soon!


I don’t think I’ve ever asked for anything from you ever in all of the time that I’ve been writing to my blog. Well, there is a first for everything. Some of you may remember a very personal blog post that I posted back in December – even though I ended up taking that post down after an hour – the truth of it still rings true today. So I’m asking for help, telling you about an awesome event that I will be at Friday, and providing an update all at the same time! (I know, get to the point Caleb.. so here goes.)

pathways-logo-fbLast December I started working with a group that does experiential life skill training in the Dallas area. I know – that’s a mouthful and doesn’t really tell you what they do – and I would try to explain it further, but it probably wouldn’t make sense. So instead, I’ll tell you what I’ve gotten out of the training. Last December was one of the largest breakthroughs in my life. I’ve continued through the Pathways Core Training program and have had so much growth, personally, in my relationship with my wife and my family that it blows me away.

You know those people that buy a new smart phone and don’t realize that there is a clear piece of plastic covering it that they are supposed to take off first? I’m not talking about the cover protectors – I’m talking about the plastic that is not supposed to stay on. I feel like that is how I’ve been living my life. It kinda looks ok, it mostly works, and then someone peels back the plastic cover that it shipped with and you go WOW! Everything looks brighter, works better – it’s like living a whole new life.

Call me sometime, let’s have lunch, I’d love to tell you more about what this has been like to be a part of!

Which brings me to this Friday

NovLily_2The class that I’ve been participating in this training with (a truly amazing group of people) are hosting a charity fundraiser this Friday. It’s going to be a blast. You can find out more details at the “official website” but the short of it is this, we’re asking for $5 per person to cover costs and more if you’d like to donate to Pathways. We are doing this specifically to give back to an organization and program that has given so much to each of us personally. There are 9 different groups and singers that are donating their time and energy to make this a fun and exciting night for the whole family.

Make it a date night, make it a fun night. I’ve never asked for anything, but I am asking for this… make it a great night by being there. You will have a great time, meet some fun people and you’ll be glad that you were a part of this. You can RSVP right now on Facebook and get the rest of the details on the website.

See you there!

– Caleb

Image Credit: Matt Williams

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