Octoberfest, Silverfest (DFW)

Dallas is quickly becoming the Silverlight capital of the World! (or at least the Silverlight center of the US) Fresh off of the Sharing the Light weekend with Victor Gaudioso, this month launches a brand new Silverlight focused user group, the launch of Windows Phone 7 in DFW as well as a special Model-View-ViewModel with Microsoft Blend talk in Fort Worth.

Important Updates!

Tonight! October 5th, Silverfest started earlier than I realized! Dallas XAML User Group kicked things off with Vince Blasberg and Telly Brown covering Networking and communication options with Silverlight… for those of you keeping score. That makes 5 event – 6 days of Silverlight for in the DFW area this month!north dallas.net users group

Tomorrow night (Wed, Oct 6th) Amir Rajan will be presenting at the North Dallas .NET Users Group on ASP.NET MVC + Silverlight. Amir is a really sharp guy that I’ve gotten to know a little bit at several events that we’ve both spoken at. He usually covers very cool and sort of niche areas (like a MVVM AJAX framework that he wrote!) Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to his talk – hope to see you there! We now return you to the previously, posted post… (big thanks to T for catching this!)

image Thursday – October 7th – Windows Phone 7 + Azure at the Dallas Cloud Computing User Group. While, not Silverlight specifically, this month the Dallas Azure User Group will focus on accessing your cloud data from Windows Phone 7 Silverlight Applications!


First, Monday – October 11th I’ll be presenting at the inaugural meeting for the North Texas Silverlight User Group more on that later.. for now, make sure you RSVP right away so that they’ll ready for you!

wp7_signature_banner_sm October 12th – Is the official Windows 7 Launch from Microsoft and kicks off two days of free, hands on Windows Phone 7 training from Microsoft. I’ll be there too.. hope you can make it! (Ok, this isn’t *just* in Dallas.. but across the whole country.. still)

fwdnug_logoAfter that, make sure that you attend this month’s Fort Worth .NET User Group for a chance to here from Teresa Burger (community organizer chica extraordinaire and lead architect at Woot!) talk on MVVM with Blend. That will be Tuesday, October 19th – go read Teresa’s blog post for more details.

Even though the Windows Phone 7 Launch is on the 12th, the two-day launch event in Dallas is on the 20th & 21st.. and fyi: you have to register for each day separately (and there is currently a waiting list) Still, what a great way to wrap up SilverFest!


Yes friends, that’s 6 events and 7 days all on Silverlight just in October.
Silverfest indeed.

See you there!

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