Extreme Social Marketing – Coming to Improving! March 10th, 2009

ExtremeSocial My great friend and Social Media genius, Giovanni Gallucci is putting together an amazing event to help spread his knowledge and expertise in social media marketing to the masses and we’re hosting it!. Here’s the info from Giovanni’s announcement:

Social Media Has Changed The Landscape Forever

Social media has turned advertising, marketing and public relations upside down. Giovanni Gallucci is one of the most well-respected and well-known social media experts in the industry. He’s delivered social marketing solutions to some of the world’s best known brands and garnered media exposure for clients that would make any marketing & communications professional envious.

Extreme Social Media Marketing Workshop

In Dallas on March 10, 2009 you’ll be able to learn his techniques, developed over ten years as an online community developer, search engine programmer and online marketing consultant to help utilize these tools and platforms for yourself.
This one day social media training workshop will train you to utilize the new media marketing tools of twitter, blogs, videos, photos, social networks and other social media related websites in your online marketing efforts.

What Others Are Saying

@michaelpearsun: @giovanni Saw you at the SMC last night in Austin. Great presentation! Now watching your vids on gallucci.net. You are a ninja!
@shawngurn: Giovanni rocks! Let’s carry him out on our shoulders
@evoigt: @shawngurn – heck yeah! @giovanni is the ultimate social media ninja
@mbrinkerhoff: is getting schooled on all things social media by the Pai Mei of online reputation management, @giovanni.
Miranda Sevcik: Thanks Giovanni- I thought your talk was really great- so informative and somehow managed to be entertaining! How do you do it?
Gimme more testimonials!

Sign ups for the March 10, 2009 social media marketing training class in Dallas are live now. Register by February 24th, 2009 for $50 off early bird pricing!

Know someone who might want to come to this workshop?
Refer anyone to this class and receive $50 for every person you refer that attends! Unlimited! Click this link to get started.
For information about scheduling a corporate class or suggesting cities to add to our schedule, contact sales@extremesocialmarketing.com.
This event is co-sponsored by
Improving Enterprises and Blue Sky Factory.

See you there!

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