Rejected Improving Slogans

To commensurate a recent realization that Improving Enterprises, Inc is now the #1 link on google and live when searching for "Improving" (go a head… try it. give it a whirl!), a couple of the guys that I work with were discussing other ways that our name and slogan *could* be thought of… so without further ado, here are the rejected Improving slogans:

Improving… we’re getting better. Really we are.

Improving… not as bad as we used to be.

Improving… ’cause that’s how we role. yo.


Speaking of Improving: We are hiring! David O’Hara described what we are looking for:

"a pinch of architect, a splash of Castle, a little MVC goodness, a bunch of OO, and a good amount of humor. Viola!"

if that’s you, give us a call!

image Improving… It’s what we do!

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