I am immortal!


While digging through my server logs to calculate points in a recent contest I found some very interesting things…


1.      Many, many people use Google to find me. I am amazed at how many hits I get from Google where the search phrase was “Caleb Jenkins”.

  • This always seems odd to me, how hard could it be to remember calebjenkins.com when somone obviously already knows my name? 
  •  I’m not sure why Live.com doesn’t show up much yet (*cough* at all), especially with the new feeds search (competing with the blog search from google?)… maybe it’s because most people are still using Google. 😉
  • Ok, for those of you that are still using Google for everything and didn’t know about Live Search, here is how you find Live:

    Step 1. Go to google (that’s the easy part)
    Step 2. Type in Live.com
    Step 3 Click on the 1st link. Done.


      Several people are apparently interested in a DNN solution for migrating users. I get several hit’s on this a month, thanks to my former DNN Migration Project. It might be worth dusting that off and bringing it up to the current DNN. I’ll have to check my schedule.

3.      Some People want inflatable cube doors. Don’t ask me why, but if you search for “inflatable cube door” I’m like the second link. It’s from a comment that was made on one of my previous posts about Dilbert’s Inflatable Cube Doors, but still. I get several hits a month from people looking for inflatable cube doors, and I think that it’s strange that they find me.

4.      One person wants to know “what is it like to work as an evangelist at Microsoft? This makes a little more sense… what doesn’t make sense is that I was on the 30th page of results! (I’m now on page 27) I guess I should take solace in the fact that if you search for “former Microsoft developer evangelist” I’m on the first page. 😉

5. Finally, I found one click through from an archived MSDN flash newsletter that I didn’t know existed. For those of you that don’t know, MSDN Flash is a newsletter from Microsoft that comes out twice a month. It’s very handy; if you’re not subscribed, you should go sign up right now.

When you sign up, you fill out all sorts of preferences, this is to filter out the information that you don’t care about and give you the info that is most relevant to you. Basically, two people could both receive the same MSDN Flash, but based on their preferences have very different versions of the newsletter.

When I was a developer evangelist at Microsoft, one of the things that I did was update a section of the newsletter with monthly events and activities that were going on. If you want to see the newsletter, it’s here. You have to scroll almost all the way down or just hit Ctrl+F and search for “Caleb”. The picture is from when I used to have a beard and all… I wonder how long the archive will stay up. Maybe I’ll be Immortal!

MSDN Flash


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