I’ve been tagged!


This was a while back.. David tagged me, and I’m extremely late responding to this!

Unfortunately for me, I just went through a couple of things that most people didn’t know about me… now I have to dig really deep, and reach waaaay back to come up with 5 little know facts about me.

  1. In Kindergarten, I learned the French Alphabet, and I still know it to this day… and that’s all of the French that I know.
  2. I’ve been through a broken bone (collar) and *several* minor concusions… but I’ve still never had stitches – not even on my noggin!
  3. I’ve been stung by a Bee once in my life. I was about 4 years old living in Temecula, CA – I still remember exactly how it happened and where I was.
  4. Until June of 2005, the last time that I drank any beer I was 3. I was at a “Chili Cook-off“ with my parents (yes, we lived in a rural town) and I got in to some *hot* tomatos… the only cold around was some beer… to this day, I can’t drink the stuff (don’t like the taste!)
  5. Before I was married, I spent three years as a disc jockey/emcee for the Christian Cosmic Bowl at local Brunswick. Every Friday night from Midnight to 2am – it was fun, I introduced them to the concept of Music Videos during bowling, and was asked to come in and train the other guys on the other cosmic bowl nights… apparently I was the only one who knew how to use a microphone and hoolahoops effectively on 24 bowling lanes!

Ok… I think now I get to tag 5 more people… so here goes:

Whurely (maybe he’ll actually create an entry in his blog?), Erica, Corey Smith, Ray (to celebrate his new post at the OKC Professional Developers Group) and PhatBoyG… you know, I get more traffic from that site than from any other single source? Crazy!



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