Two weeks at Microsoft.


Today is the last day of my first two weeks working for the man. Let me recap…

Week 1:
Monday was a whole lot of paper work and watching videos. On the plus side of Microsoft, almost all of the “paper work” is online. That part’s very nice. Some of the other caviots… The videos were neat. I got to see a lot of the heritage of MS that I was unfarmiliar with. The guys that I work with took me to lunch down stairs.

Tuesday and Wednesday we went to an offsite meeting in Austin. Cool, my first week on the job and I’m at a camp “resort” getting to know my coworkers. Bummer though, I forgot my favorite Wrox hat at the camp when I left. However, Disfunction Junction was awsome Tuesday night.

Thrusday and Friday I worked from home in Tulsa. Nice first week!

Week 2:
This entire week has been a blur… Monday I flew to Dallas, Tuesday I flew to Lubbock for a user group (Great group BTW – I’m looking forward to working with them!), Wednesday I flew back to Dallas, and Thrusday (late afternoon) I flew back to Tulsa. Busy, busy busy. The most overwelming thing about my job (and this cought me completely off gaurd) is the amount of email that I have to deal with. This sounds weird sinse it’s only email, but I now work with over 20 .Net User Groups and SIGs (Special Interest Groups) in the North Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas, plus there are multiple engagements with enterprise customers that I am now participating in. So, it’s not only the amount of email, but the time delay because I have to go get context for each one to realy know what to do with it.

It’s getting a little better now, I have some folders and am able to respond and file a larger percentage of my emails. Ugh. I didn’t expect this at all, but there are other realy cool things that have happened that I didn’t expect either. Wednesday I was getting on the elevator and looked to my left, there’s Rory Blyth getting on next to me. Cool, here is someone that I used to listen to when he was on DNR (he is now an MSDN presenter and host of  The Code Room), and now I read his blog fairly regualary. We chatted briefly had a “air shake” (a bit of a jerm-a-phobe…. or just thought that I looked dirty… either way, he didn’t want to touch me… no big deal, I should be used to that by now 😉 The funny thing is that he talks almost exactly like the way he writes in his blog, scary I know. Oh, and he’s a lot shorter in person, which is funny because how exactly can you tell how tall someone is by reading there blog? I don’t know.

All in all, I think that I’m going to love working here and with all of the community leaders.


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