Crazy Liberal Sayings


A friend of mine recently declared himself a “social liberal, but a fiscal conservative.”  Huh? I’ve heard this type of fence riding from more than one person… even from certain media pundits. I guess that means that they want the government to pay for everything… just not with their money.

I saw a bumper sticker recently. “War is not the answer.” Really? Doesn’t that depend on the question? When Hitler was killing Jews by the millions, war was the correct answer. When Japan wiped out our fleet in the pacific, war was the correct answer. When Afghanistan was providing safe refuge to those who had attacked us, killing over 3000 Americans, war was most definitely the correct answer. It bothers me that people can be so idiotic and short sighted, and yet still possess the ability to pass a drivers test and apparently maintain a steady job.

I think that these crazy liberal sayings reveal a deeper truth… they are backed by crazy liberal ideals and ideas. They reveal a truth that is central to the liberal mindset. It’s also another reason that I am so thankful that George W. Bush is our president, I personally think the John Scary probably agrees with these crazy liberal sayings.


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