Spiritual Gifts


I belong to a great Monday afternoon Bible study with a group of people from my work, an a few others… today the topic of Spiritual Gifts came up, with a suggestion of several books to read, and test to take, and processes to find your personal spiritual gifts. I couldn’t help but throw in my two scents worth…

One of the best ways to discover your Spiritual Gifts is to get out and start using them. In other words, look for areas to serve and see if you have a unique gifting in a particular area. Try volunteering in your church, if one role doesn’t work out try another. Serve in the Nursery, Volunteer with the Youth, go on a Mission trip, be an Usher, help with your churches web site, be a server for a banquet, go along to feed the homeless, go on an outreach project, teach a women’s/men’s study, sing in the choir… Then, use input from others and your own personal reflection and prayer to discover how God has shaped you. I like the SHAPE acronym. God has shaped each of us differently, and uses all of our experiences and giftings to accomplish His purpose. God is a God of economy and waist nothing, and He never makes Junk.


  • Spiritual Gifts – What special giftings has God given you to accomplish his work?
  • Heart – What grabs your heart? God may have put a special need on your heart, so that you could fill it.
  • Ability – What are you skilled at? What are your natural strengths? God give each of us talents and skills that could be applied to serve the growth of His kingdom.
  • Passion – What are you passionate about? What increases your energy level when you think about it?
  • Experience – God will use your past, good and bad, successes and failures… so that you can comfort others with the comfort that you have been comforted with.

The more that we operate in our strengths, the more effective we will be. Some people want to work on their weaknesses, I think that most people should work on their strengths, so that our good can become our best. 🙂 Too often we can learn too much, and do too little.


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