Oklahoma Date – Guns, Pizza and Video Games.


Rachel and I have a date planned for tonight. The sitters have been called, the reservations made and I’m coming home early for work. Yesterday, as I made these plans, I realized how “Oklahoma” ish this date will be, and what an incredible woman that I’m married to.

We’re going to go look at Guns, Eat Pizza, then play Video Games.

We’re currently in the market for a home defense gun. Nothing has happened to bring this on, it’s just the sort of thing that you want to have, before you need it, and also the sort of thing that you want to know how to use, and you hope never to have to use it. So we are visiting a gun store, getting educated, trying out their shooting range, handling a couple of different options and making plans on the type of gun that we’ll be buying.

Then we’re going to Incredible Pizza. We might eat dinner somewhere else first (to make it more of a date), and we might not play too many video games. We’re really going for the go-carts.

Either way, I’m blessed. Not only to I get to go look at Guns, Eat Pizza and play video games, I get to do all of that with my wife, and call it a date. What a woman! 🙂



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