Erik Sink – Career Calculus


One of my favorite readings of late, has been the writings of Eric Sink. Erik owns a small ISV (Independent Software Vendor – which basically means that while they produce software, they aren’t Microsoft.) Source Gear, in Champaign, IL, USA. Erik has a thriving blog, his writing have been featured lately on MSDN. One of the things that I like about Erik’s writings is that, while he is a programmer and is able to approach very technical subjects, the majority of his writings are about other areas that affect programmers. Topics like, marketing, management, career choices… etc. The net result of reading his stuff, is to be a more well rounded person.

Recently, Erik wrote about something that he calls the Career Calculus. There’s a log of great truths in the piece; I would like to share one of the great nuggets here:

Next time you’re interviewing for a job, pretend that the power structure is reversed.  The hiring manager is trying to figure out if there is any chance you are worthy of the job.  Ignore that.  Instead, spend your time trying to figure out if there is any chance that guy is worthy of being your manager.

Great advice. You only have to have a frustrating employment experience once to realize how keen this is.




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