Politics of the Uninformed


The recent Republican National Convention was truly an inspiring event. The best convention that I can remember in a long time. The 10 point “bounce” that George W. Bush now has over John Skerry  (pronounced “scary”) is undeniably a result of the passion, enthusiasm, direction and character that was demonstrated at the convention. The contrast between these two men is amazing. There has not been a larger chasm between two ideologies since Saddam Hussein met the US Marines.

Yet… recently I was having lunch with a friend who declared him self a “moderate”. I recently spoke with a few of my other well meaning friends. I’ve been amazed to hear things like “well, it really doesn’t matter who we vote for”, “Neither one has addressed the issues that I care about.”, “I guess were just stuck with the lesser of two evils”. Are these people crazy?! I’ve come to realize that, no they are not, just uninformed.

I guess what I have to accept is that when people don’t know the issues, or how the candidates stand on them, it has become very popular in our culture, to declare your self “undecided”. It’s considered more intellectual to be undecided, not closed minded, not locked on to one candidate or another. I’ve concluded, however, that their is nothing intellectual about being uninformed. Any one with half a brain, and half an eye to look at what these two men actually stand for can see the amazing difference. The only way you can truly be undecided, is if you (1) haven’t decided what you yourself believe, or (2) you don’t know what these men believe.

I’ve now stopped referring to any one as “undecided”. I now correct people who call them selves undecided, by interjecting, “don’t you mean, uninformed?” Won’t you join me? Anyone who is half way informed about these two men, can no longer be undecided. Let’s not let people pretend to be intellectuals (and I would never put that label on me!) who are not.

Call your self undecided if you want, but we know what you really are, uninformed.


About Caleb Jenkins

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